Artist Statement.

As an artist, my work is based on self-exploration. My sexual experiences and my childhood are the pillars of what I need to share. The works are a way to discover and portray myself, as well as my surroundings.

I currently make more use of photography, mixed media and writing. I experiment transforming the photographs into drawings, paintings or just modifying them to reinterpret the image. 

Text has become a powerful tool in chronicling my thoughts and experiences.  As a result, many ongoing  projects combine text with the images.

Biographical Notes

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1984. Live and works in México.

2004-06 - Studied Art Direction at Escuela Superior de Creativos Publicitarios, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2006-07 - Art Director at Agulla & Baccetti, advertising agency, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2007-09 - Art residency at Fabrica, Benetton's communication research centre. Italy.

2011-12 - Attended art clinic by Andres Waissman, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2012-Now - Live and work in Mexico City.

One-Person Exhibitions

2017 - La Sesión - Espacio Diorama, Mexico City.

2014 - Mika Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2013 - Casa Kan. “Mi Porno” Distrito Federal, México.

2012 - Universidad de Palermo. “Luces y Sombras” Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2012 - Casa Brandon. “Mi Porno” Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2009 - Dar Al Mona.“Beyró by Abi-Hanna Abi-Hanna by Beyró”. Beirut, Lebanon.

2009 - 3 + 1 ARTE CONTEMPORANEA. “Expresiones by DIEGO BEYRÓ” Lisbon.

2008 - Künstainer, Espai artístic contamporani. Tarragona, Cataluña, Spain. 2008 - Galería Sicart. “Expresiones” Diego Beyró . Cataluña, Spain.

2008 - Galeria Wussmann. “Expresiones” Diego Beyró. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 - Bonobos, Espacio SNSTR, Mexico City

2017 - Swipe me to the moon. Pandeo, Mexico City

2009 - Masottatorres Arte Contemporáneo. “Carne Picada”. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2009 - Centro Cultural Recoleta. “Los 48 barrios porteños representados por 48 artistas emergentes”. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2009 - Gallery Nucleus. “Grafuck Volume 3”. Los Angeles, USA.

2008 - Galería Sicart. 08’ Vilafranca Contemporània. “D’Eros i Thanatos”.

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